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Romantaque – is a Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing lotion. One has to remove hair by TWEP (Threading, Waxing, Epilation or Plucking) . Wait for 24 hours to make sure skin is normal and intact. Then apply Romantaque for 10 days – twice a day. You may stop Romantaque after 10 days, as the majority of effect would happen during this time.

Usually we remove the hair that is visible. This in turn opens up the orifice, and hair follicles are exposed. When exposed to Romantaque these follicles are either partially, or completely deactivated. Those hair, which we do not see, are present below the skin surface at various stages of growth. Hence, repeated applications are required to get a perceptible effect. Reduction in the number of re-growing hair and reduced frequency of hair removal can be felt very early (about 2- 3 treatment cycles).

While TWEP (Threading, Waxing, Epilation,and Plucking) is recommended for removal of hair , as a way to go for speed. You can also use Depilation, as subordinate option. Though it would reduce pain in hair removal it would also reduce the inhibition speed drastically as follicle is not easily reachable.

Repeated applications of Romantaque after every hair removal session effectively deactivate more and more hair follicles. As we are all born with a finite number of hair follicles on the body, the number of re-growing hair keep declining. As the re-growing hair appear finer after every Romantaque treatment cycle, the pain of hair removal (e.g. waxing) is reduced considerably

Patch Test - If you are using Romantaque for the first time, or on a new body part, always test the skin reaction by applying Romantaque to one square centimeter area (approximately the size of your thumbnail) of the body part you wish to treat. After 24 hours, if there is no adverse reaction like redness, irritation, continue the use.

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