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When we remove hair by plucking or waxing, it opens up the orifice of the hair follicle, resulting in exposure of hair follicles. This is very similar to a leaf uprooted of spring onion, with its bulb still under the soil growing next leaf. 

When exposed to Romantaque Lotion, it affects the capacity of hair follicle to re-grow. After every treatment cycle, it results in a hair that is grows in less numbers, slower, finer, shorter, and lighter in colour. 

The unwanted hair never goes away in a jiffy like a miracle on the chant of “Abra ca dabra!”  We need to pursue hair removal and Romantaque treatment regularly to achieve long lasting wonderful results. Apart from the uprooted hair, there are hair present below the skin surface at various stages of growth. They do not get removed by usual hair removal methods. Some of the hair follicles get partially affected by initial applications of Romantaque Lotion. Hence, repeated applications are required to get a perceptible reduction in the hair re-growth. 

hair-removal-image Effective hair removal helps in achieving more effective results of Romantaque treatment. Repeated applications of Romantaque Lotion after every hair removal sessions reduce appearance of re-growing hair. Moreover, the pain of waxing too reduces after each treatment session, as the re-growing hair becomes finer and weaker.

When using Romantaque for the first time, it is good idea to apply Romantaque on the one leg and not on other to see the difference yourself. 

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