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Unwanted Hair – The Pain

Romantaque is inspired from a Sanskrit word, ‘Roma’ means Hair, and ‘Antak’ means destroyer, “Romantaque” – destroyer of Hair. 

Romantaque is designed to get rid of unwanted hair on arms, legs, face (chin, upper lip, eye brows and side locks), underarms, ear lobes (pinna) and bikini line. 

Romantaque is powered by latest patent-protected technology, to enhance the speed of the treatment, and to conquer the doggedness of hair to grow back. This hair follicle targeted cutting edge technology delivers the actives of Romantaque precisely to the hair follicle. This technology makes it highly efficient in reducing the hair re-growth. After each hair removal, Romantaque is advised to be used regularly by the user, twice a day for 10 days. Consistency and regularity in Romantaque treatment shows wonderful results. And the user enjoys the dividends of hair free skin for a long duration. 

Romantaque is designed to get absorbed through the orifice of the hair follicle. It influences the hair manufacturing factory in the hair follicle, without affecting other skin structures. Hence, it is necessary that it must be applied to normal intact skin (without any cuts, abrasions, wound, rash and fresh scar), to avoid any direct contact with internal skin structures. 

As mammals, all of us are bestowed with hair. Every one of us has unwanted hair on our body parts; may it be a super star or a super model, or an ordinary girl or a lady. The extent of unwanted facial or body hair varies according to age, gender, and genes. For some we have answers – men can grow beard and convert it into a macho statement. For others like us we have to remove the hair, every now and then. May it be waxing, threading or an option that budget permits, and pain that one can tolerate.

unwanted-hair-image Do we have to live with the pain forever?

Certainly not!
Hair is fibrous protein that is produced at hair follicle and pushed upwards through a tube that shapes the quality of hair. Not all the hair grow at the same time, but is in different stages of growth. Some of them are in active growth phase (Anagen), some in regressing phase (Catagen), and the rest are in resting phase (Telogen). After Telogen the hair is shed and the follicle may become dormant for a while or may start active growth phase again. This way the hair growth has a cyclic pattern.

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