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Although I would still say its too early for me to review the product, given that I have only been using this for around 5 days but I am kind of impressed and wanted to share my initial thoughts on the product. I recently got my upper lips threaded and after 24 hours I applied a small amount of the Romantaque lotion on the upper lip area (I had done a patch test before getting the threading done – and yes it was a risky area to try out first because had it caused any allergies I would have been in trouble!) I applied the lotion regularly morning and night and today after a week of threading my upper lip still appears clean. Normally I get a regrowth of fine upper lip hair within a week of threading. This time its clean! I must say that although I wasn’t very hopeful and was scared too, right now I feel happy. I am going to keep using this lotion and also try it out on my arms next.

Shilpa Gandotra


I don't have coarse hair but the hair grows a bit faster. I would usually notice the new hair coming up within 3 days. Its advised to use this twice a day but i only use it during the night on well cleansed face. It sinks into the skin well without leaving any greasy residue or white cast. My skin feels baby soft after applying this. Also i have a sensitive skin, so i am usually skeptical about the products that i use. But this one is safe for all skin types and did not cause any irritation on my skin. As far as the product claims are considered, it does work. :) It did slow down the hair growth rate. After using this i observed that the new hair growth started to show up very late that too fine hair started growing. So i was assured about the product and started using on my upper lip area(with out being too close to the nasal area) and experienced similar results and i am really happy. I will just continue using it and see how it fares in the long run. : )

Jyotsna Phanisri


 I tried it first on my under arms. It requires very less amount of the product to cover large area. It also gets absorbed into skin easily with no greasy feeling. It also didn't give me any kind of irritation and side affects. I was pretty happy that this product didn't give me any breakouts. I used it for 2 whole weeks and observed it working very well. :D Yes friends, after my first waxing done, I observed slow growth of hair. After I've gone for my second waxing done, believe me its already third week and I still have very less hair grown. I never expected this to work this way at all. I'm really impressed with it and thus thinking to use it for my arms this time. One more thing I liked is that it's going to come many days. :)”

Gayatri L


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