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Everyone has it!!

As a mammal, all of us are bestowed with the Hair. We may like it or not. May it be a super star or a super model, or an ordinary girl or woman, every one of us has unwanted hair on our body parts. The extent of body hair we have varies on various factors like, age, gender, and our genes.

For some we have answers – men can grow beard and convert it into a macho statement. For others like us we have to remove the hair, every now and then. May it be waxing, threading or an option that budget permits, and pain that you can tolerate.

Do we have to live with the pain forever?

How does Hair Grow?

Hair is fibrous protein that is produced at hair root and pushed upwards through a tube that shapes the quality of hair.

Not all the hair grows at the same time, but is in different stages of growth. Some of them are in active growth phase (Anagen), some in regressing phase (Catagen), and the rest are in resting phase (Telogen).

After Telogen the hair is shed and the follicle may become dormant for a while or may start active growth phase again. This way the hair growth has a cyclic pattern.

Hair Removal

Usually we remove the hair that we see. This in turn opens up the orifice. Resulting exposure of  hair follicles. When exposed to Romantaque Lotion these are influenced to grow slower, finer, and shorter, and lighter in colour.

Hair that we do not see, are present below the skin surface at various stages of growth and do not get removed by usual hair removal methods. Some of the follicles are partially affected by initial application of Romantaque Lotion. Hence, repeated applications are required to get a perceptible effect. Some users are lucky to feel the difference, even after first application reduction in the re-growth and frequency of hair removal can be seen.

Effectiveness of Romantaque depends of the effective Hair Removal. When the hair is plucked/ pulled and lotion applied, it  reaches  the site, influencing the hair growth. Repeated applications of Romantaque Lotion after every hair removal sessions reduces appearance of regrowth. As we are all born with a limited number of hair follicles on the body, the number of hair keep declining  and the difference can be felt by third person as well.


 Read precautions before use.

§   Patch test is necessary to be done by first time users as well as use on a new body part.

§   For best results, unwanted hair should be removed from the root e.g. by waxing, plucking, threading, epilation. Even Depilation will do but the effect will take longer to take.

§   Allow any adverse reaction caused by hair removal to subside completely, before applying Romantaque.

§   After every hair removal, apply Romantaque for 10 days – twice a day to the normal intact skin.

§   Apply directly onto the skin spreading the lotion evenly to a thin layer. It gets absorbed into the skin like a moisturizer.

§   If necessary, wash the area only after 30 minutes of application.

§   For best results apply Romantaque Lotion after each hair removal session twice a day for 10 days.


 Normal Intact Skin is the one devoid of any nicks, cuts, wounds, abrasions, rash, fresh scars, or acne.

 Romantaque Lotion is designed to get absorbed in the orifice of the hair to the hair root without affecting other skin structure in the vicinity. Hence it is very important to apply it on normal intact skin

 It is important to wait till side effects of hair removal subside before the application of Romantaque Lotion.


§   Follow the directions for use

§   Patch test- If you use this product for the first time, or on a new body part, always test the skin reaction by applying Romantaque Lotion to one square centimeter area (approximately the size of thumbnail) of the body part you wish to treat. After 24 hours if there is no adverse reaction like redness, irritation continue the use. If any adverse reaction is observed discontinue use. Depending on severity of symptoms, seek medical advice.

§   Romantaque Lotion must be applied only to normal intact skin devoid of any aberrations, cuts, wounds or fresh scars.

§   Avoid contact with eyes.

§   Romantaque Lotion has been designed for arms, legs, face, underarms, and bikini line.

§   DO NOT use near eyes, nose (nasal opening), perianal, and genital areas.

§   Take care when applying on upper lip

§   DO NOT apply for the hair inside the nasal opening.

§   Keep ‘Romantaque Lotion’ out of reach of children.

§   Replace cap immediately after use.

§   Romantaque lotion is recommended only for adults.



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